A move to CVue was a good change for this landlord

An Owner came to CVue Property Managers after being unable to lease their property with another Agent. The 5 week vacancy had started to place financial pressure on the Owner and they were keen to lease the property as soon as possible. After speaking with the Owner, I truly felt their struggle and disappointment at not having leased their property in a thriving rental market.

A review of the existing marketing campaign quickly showed that there were areas of the advertising that could be improved. There was no professional photography, limited images, lack of attention to detail in the marketing and some of the best features of the property were not showcased. The advantage of CVue Property Managers One Fixed Fee, is professional photography is included. A photoshoot was arranged the next day and marketing re-written to highlight the best features of the property.

Within minutes of the new advertising and photos launching online, CVue Property Managers was contacted by eager Tenants. The next day, a viewing was performed at a time that suited the prospective Tenants, to ensure they would be available to view the property. All of the Tenants responded positively to the property and advised they wanted to apply.

One of the Tenants advised they had been away for 12 months internationally and asked for guidance on the best way to present their application. I discussed their situation and provided details on the best way to show their financial and rental histories with their limited time in the country. The prospective Tenant contacted me several times over the night with further questions and I resolved every query to ensure the application was ready first thing in the morning.

The next morning I was able to present the Owner with 2 applications 1 week after taking on the property. The successful applicant wanted to move into the property in 2 days, and we were able to arrange cleaning and the PCR in time for them to take possession. The Owner was thrilled with the result and extremely grateful with our efforts. After a review of the management agreement, the Owner realised she was saving $2000 a year with the change of Management. It was much better service, with lower fees.

Working in Property Management, you deal with people just as much as you do properties. One of the best parts of the job is when you are truly able to exceed clients expectations and get the best result for all parties. Using CVue Property Managers One Fixed Fee and exceptional customer service, we helped an Owner and Tenant get the best result.

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