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Responsive to your needs

When you meet with Honor, you’re chatting to someone who has been managing premium properties and facilitating sales since 2001. Her decades of experience in the property market have made her nothing short of an expert when it comes to the local market.

Honor owns and runs CVue Property, and highly values her responsive and efficient team.

Whether you’re selling your home, or leasing it out; landlords, tenants, and property owners can expect timely and considered communication from the CVue team.

Great systems.
Even better humans

We’re always available for our clients, quickly and simply addressing questions that both landlords and tenants will inevitably have. Life is busy and complicated enough as it is, so our team is 100% dedicated to stress-free property management and sales.

Our systems are designed to streamline everything from emergency repairs to rental payments. Keeping tabs on your investment property, or your home on the market has never been easier, with all your updated property information a simple click away.

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Why CVue_capsule_03

Your place. Top tenants.

We know good people who know good people. Corporate networks, family, friends, referrals… you name it, we’re connected. Which means a lot less stress for you. And more time to do the things you love.

Because your investment property deserves reliable, respectable and responsible tenants. So relax, you’re in safe hands.

Keeping tenants settled

Everybody wins with long-term tenancies for reliable folks. We value your commitment to us and repay the faith by keeping good tenants happy by finding the sweet spots in between their needs and yours.

A flat fee means moving them out has zero incentive and no surprise bills to landlords. Instead, we focus on keeping them in. A win for you, us and them too.

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