Emily Jasper – March 2019

We have been nothing but impressed with the way CVue has managed our property over the last 3 months. We were relocating overseas so wanted to sort the process of renting out our home quickly and CVue managed just that. From our decision to list our house, it was photographed and available online within days and then we had a tenant just 2 days later! Even better, CVue presented a cheaper option for us then going with other real estate agents due to the fixed price cost (rather than percentage of total rent), and they also advised us to list our house for a higher price then what other agents had said (which we got almost immediately!). Since our tenants have moved in, CVue has been exceptionally professional, efficient and helpful in dealing with any issues that pop up (from the tenants or our end), making the whole process drama free. Would highly recommend CVue to all our family and friends!

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